Christians in the middle east face tough challenges

With your generous support we can put life – changing Bible teaching in their hands

Dear Friend,

How can we help Christians in the Middle East respond to the crises triggered by religious extremism or economic hardships? In what ways can we encourage them to grow spiritually in societies that are cruel towards non-Muslims?

These are some of the weighty questions we are constantly wrestling with because, we want to ensure that more Christians and Muslim seekers who are looking for life-changing Bible teaching have someone to turn to.

We want to help more believers like Adar draw closer to God

575869Recently, Adar, a believer from Egypt, told one of our workers that although he had been a Christian for 30 years he had not really understood the key aspects of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross and the provisions God has made for us.

This changed when he read Derek’s book Atonement: Your Appointment with God‘I cannot thank you enough for giving this book to me’ – he said. ‘Derek’s teaching is so clear and it gets right to the heart of the Gospel message.

Every time my heart is filled with fear and worry about what is happening in our streets, or what could happen to my children because of our faith I look at Jesus on the Cross and I know that my Saviour understands what we are going through. He answers our prayers and gives us hope every day.

I have taken Derek’s teaching into my heart during these difficult times for our country and I am using it to encourage others. Thank you again.’  

We want to be there for new converts like Farha

Farha lives in Iraq. She gave her life to Christ last year after watching Christian TV programmes secretly at home. If her brothers knew about this they would treat Farha harshly, or even disown her. But she is determined to learn more about the Bible. Today Farha is growing in her faith by studying the Foundations for Christian Living in Arabic with a Christian friend.

Every year, thanks to the generous support of friends like you, we have put Derek’s life-changing teaching into the hands of thousands of believers like Adar and Farha. And, we want to make sure we can continue to do so in 2013.

Will you make a gift to our DPM Middle East Outreach today to make this happen?

Your gift will bring the message of God’s life-changing love and new hope to struggling Christians in this region.

  • This year we want to re-print 10,000 copies each of 12 life-changing books by Derek Prince including: Entering the Presence of God, You Shall Receive Power, They Shall Expel Demons, Blessing or Curse You can Choose, Marriage Covenant, Foundations for Christian Living and others.
  • Also, we want to prepare a series of Derek’s teaching videos for Christian TV channels. Television is a crucial and very effective tool for Christian outreach in this region where on average people spend 5 hours a day watching TV.

Your gift of £10 will put 15 books in the hands of believers, while a gift of £30 will ensure that twenty new Christians learn how to get the most out of their Bible study using Foundations for Christian Living.