Christians in war-torn Iraq are seeking comfort in God’s word

Dear Friend,

Pastor Rashid lives in war-torn Baghdad. He and others in his church are refusing to leave their country and their homes. They continue to worship and fellowship together in spite of their lives being threatened by death, violence and hardships.

Yet, they are choosing to stay because they follow Jesus and want to remain faithful to Him and they don’t want the Church in their country to be a distant memory.

This is a fact that is hard to stomach isn’t it? – But, sadly this is what is happening in Iraq today.

During the last decade the number of Christians in Iraq has decreased from 1.5 million to just 300,000. Every day many Christians flee the country with hearts full of pain, sadness and fear. Recently, the membership of a local church went from 350 to 30 people!

The good news is that in the midst of the chaos and persecution, there are many who are coming to the Lord and His Church is continuing to grow. These Christians who are staying in Iraq desperately need our support and our prayers.

They need life-sustaining spiritual food. They need solid Bible teaching that can open the Scriptures to them and enable them to experience God’s comfort and peace for conquering the challenges and chaos that engulfs their daily lives.

This is what Derek Prince Ministries is offering to Christians in Iraq. Last year for example, thanks to the generosity of friends like you, we printed and distributed hundreds of copies of The Divine Exchange, The Self Study Bible Course, Spiritual Warfare and other books in Arabic, Farsi and English.

God is using Derek’s teaching to touch lives in churches, homes and refugee camps. And, those who are experiencing a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit because of the materials we have put in their hands, are asking for more Bible teaching to sustain them in such hard times.

I am inviting you right now to give $20, $50, $100 – or whatever you can share – to help our brothers and sisters in the Lord in Iraq.

Your support could be a real spiritual lifeline to them today.

With your help, we can respond to the spiritual hunger of thousands of Christians like Pastor Rashid who are seeking to live out their faith in places riddled by violence, car bombs and fear.

Your gifts will enable us to put together Spiritual Survival kits in Arabic and Farsi comprising of foundational Bible teaching by Derek Prince in books, CDs and DVDs and distribute them to spiritually hungry pastors, believers and new converts.

It will also help to translate The Self-Study Bible Course, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and other books into Sorani, a language widely spoken in Northern Iraq, and to distribute them to Christian ministries and Churches serving the Iraqi community.

Most importantly of all, your generous gift of $20, $50 or $100 would ensure that pastors, Christians and new believers get the kind of spiritual food they need to have radical encounters with Jesus and to share His everlasting hope with others.

Your gift and your prayers can go such a long way for impacting lives in war-torn Iraq. Please give today using the response slip attached or you can donate online at:

And, be assured you that your gift will be put to work offering spiritual encouragement to Iraqi Christians and responding to their growing demands for life-changing Bible teaching resources.

We rely entirely on gifts of individuals and churches like yours who have benefited from Derek’s teaching. So, I hope you will help and respond to this pressing need.

May God bless and strengthen you in everything you do.

Yours in Christ,

Neil Cornick
Middle East Director