Derek Prince Ministries owes much of its origins in the Middle East. Almost immediately after his powerful experience of conversion, Derek Prince was shipped off to North Africa aboard a troop ship. Speaking of his three years in the deserts of Egypt, Libya and the Sudan, he says he was “discipled in the desert.” He studied his Bible with the same diligence and thoroughness he had applied in his academic career.

After three years serving the British Army in North Africa, Derek was posted to Jerusalem. There he met and married a Danish lady, Lydia Christensen, the mother of a small children’s home. The family spoke Arabic, and Derek practiced his Arabic with them. At the same time he began teaching himself Hebrew.

aaTogether the family saw the rebirth of the state of Israel in 1948 and lived through the War of Independence. After working and ministering in many nations, Derek died in his sleep at his home in Jerusalem on the 24th of September 2003 of heart failure.
Today, Derek Prince Ministries “Reaches the Unreached and Teaches the Untaught” in almost all the countries of the Middle East and North African region. Further information can be found in this web site under “Where we work – Middle East”.

A large number of Derek Prince titles are published in Arabic (which is the lingua franca of 16 countries of the region). Several titles are also published in languages of the region such as Farsi, Kurdish and Turkish.

Furthermore Derek Prince material is available on all forms of electronic media in the region such as Satellite TV, Internet and Social Media applications. We also have outreach programs to a number of the countries in the Middle East.

Our mission is not yet accomplished; in fact with all the recent upheavals in the region, the demand for our material has only further increased. Your support for our Ministry is crucial at this juncture and any gift you give will only be used to the furtherance of the mandate that was given to Derek to continue reaching to the unreached and teaching the untaught until Jesus returns. Please click here to see how you can “get involved”.