How £15 can change life

If you have ever wondered how your gifts to DPM Outreaches in Pakistan, India or Nepal are changing the lives of church leaders and believers who long for spiritual transformation, then please keep on reading.

This is what Pastor Arfaqsad from Karachi (pictured above) recently wrote to our Pakistan office:

Just a few months ago, I was struggling with depression and hopelessness. I felt my life was meaningless, and I had no reason to live. One day a friend gave me a free copy of Life-Changing Spiritual Power—a compilation of six books by Derek Prince.

To be honest, I was not really in a position to read anything, but through God’s prompting and His unseen power, somehow I picked up and read this book. I can testify that never in my whole life have I read any book faster than this one.

And God used Derek’s teaching in Life-Changing Spiritual Power to perform a powerful miracle of healing. Somehow by letting God’s Word enter my mind and my heart again and by understanding more of who He is, I came back to life.

The dark days of depression are over. Now I want to live again. I want to serve my Saviour and my Lord—Jesus Christ. I want to tell everyone how God can heal and transform our lives. He can lift us up from the ashes and dark places of despair.

Thousands of pastors like Arfaqsad across the Indian Subcontinent are hungry for God’s life-changing Word. But the sad news is that many of them have had very little spiritual teaching since their days at Bible college. And, for many who live and minister in rural or remote areas, that was over 20 or 30 years ago.

Will you make a gift of £15 or more to our outreach in this region for resourcing hundreds of spiritually hungry pastors with Derek’s Life-Changing Spiritual Power in their own languages?

How you can make a difference with your gift of £15 or more:

  • Hundreds of pastors and evangelists are asking for copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in their own languages. That is why this year we want to translate and print this six-book compilation in the Khasi, Garo, Nagamese, Mizo and Sinhala languages. You can help make this possible with a gift of £15 or £30 towards the £2,400 translation costs.
  • There is a growing need across South India for equipping pastors and Bible college students with solid teaching on a variety of topics. A generous gift of £30 or £60 can enable us to respond to this need by preparing and distributing thousands of CDs with Derek’s teaching on “Laying the Foundation,” “The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” teaching from the book of Romans, an exposition of the book of Hebrews, and “The Good News of the Kingdom.”

To impact more pastors’ lives and ministries through this significant project, we need to raise £30,000, and the more we receive the more CDs we can distribute.

If you believe that God’s Word has power to transform lives, then please make a generous gift today. One life-changing message at a time, one prayer at a time, one encouraging training event at a time—you and our Derek Prince Outreaches can continue to change lives by opening believers’ spiritual eyes to see and receive the truths of God’s Word.

Yours in His Service,

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