Invest in People


Looking at a map of DPM Outreaches 10 years ago would have revealed a large gap – South America. Apart from outreach in Cuba, there wasn’t much ministry activity south of the United States. Doors had been pushed, but very little was forthcoming.

South America has over 400 million people with the key languages being Spanish and Portuguese. Our vision is to make Derek’s teaching available to believers in every nation of this continent and to see God’s manifest glory in the lives of millions of Christians, their churches and their communities.

This task is enormous, but as Derek Prince used to say, “The spiritual life is not about effort, but union with the Holy Spirit.” That is why we look to see where the Lord is working and we join Him in that work. When we unite our will with the will of God in total commitment, we become unsinkable, undefeatable, unshakeable.

In spite of opposition by local authorities, we have printed over 1 million books by Derek Prince in Cuba and continue to print and distribute around 100,000 each year as demand for Bible teaching continues.

While we are printing Spanish books in Columbia, we know that illiteracy is high in this region. To make Derek’s teaching accessible to those who are struggling with illiteracy, we will translate many of Derek’s Teaching Letters into Spanish because they are shorter and easier to read.

Along with the Teaching Letters, we are over-dubbing the DVD messages and updating Spanish radio programmes. Radio and TV are strategic tools for reaching more people in this vast continent.

Take the Quechua people for example. They are scattered primarily across PeruEcuador and Bolivia and they live in mountainous areas. Our hope is to make Bible teaching available through radio programmes.

Currently, we are very excited at the new prospect of working with another ministry to make Derek’s teaching available in Spanish to churches across Mexico.

No update about South America would be complete without some news on Brazil whose population is over 200 million. About three years ago, we started printing in Portuguese some bestsellers by Derek Prince through a publisher in Rio de Janeiro.  Surpassing all our expectations, within two years, they have sold half a million of these books.

Along with the printing in the cities, the transforming effects of Derek’s Bible teaching are also to be found in rural areas.   We look on in awe at what God is doing across South America through Derek’s Bible teaching.

Please pray with us as we seek out the right people for each task in each country – that South America may be changed one heart at a time.