Derek Prince: The Man Behind the Ministry

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In 2001, Derek Prince sat down to share some of his most touching memories from over 85 years of his extraordinary life. His story will inspire you to see just what God can dowhen someone will dare to trust Him and take Him at His Word.


This 3-hour DVD chronicles—in Derek's own words—his journey from a child born into British privilege in India, through his stunning face-to-face encounter with Jesus Christ during World War II, to his harrowing escape with his family from Jerusalem in May of 1948.


Derek recalls God's great faithfulness to His prophetic call to teach the Scriptures throughout the world and His tender grace through the death of two wives. Derek spent over 60 years proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, he looks back to reflect on his life—a life given in its entirety to the service of his Master.

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